TASER - Master Instructor Course

Police officers have the legal authority to use force in various situations, such as when they seek to protect themselves and the public, make an arrest, overcome resistance, or gain control of a poten-tially dangerous situation. The seminar deals with questions about when TASER should be used, to what extend it should be used as an alternative to lethal weapons, and also as an alternative to other less lethal weapons. It will also inform about use and impact of TASER. The TASER Master Instructor Course teaches an appreciation of the physical and psychological effects of conducted energy devices. Further on it provides full training and assessment in accordance with Taser Training packages. The trainers will cover their existing weapons…the X26p and the X2 ... but they will also be training and qualifying attendees in the new TASER 7 device!!! The certification is valid for two years.

Das Seminar im Überblick

Seminarnummer 19/36 D/E
Beginn 14.10.2019 um 10:45 Uhr
Ende 18.10.2019 um 15:00 Uhr
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Veranstaltungsort IBZ Schloss Gimborn, 51709 Marienheide
Kursgebühren IPA 985,00 €
Kursgebühren nicht-IPA 1035,00 €

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