Police Street Survival Training

Through practical reality based training and the theories of human conflict, this seminar is designed to highlight the issues, that front line officers are faced with, when dealing with violent confronta-tions on the street. Topics will include openhanded striking techniques, unarmed defence to active shooter incidents, and theory of human behaviour in combat, knife defence, and combat point shooting. The seminar will take the form of a mixture of presentations and practical training, demonstrations or training exercises. Obviously, any physical element would be voluntary and delegates not wishing to train would be able to observe. Nevertheless participants should be aware that the course is in parts a physical one. The seminar will seek to discuss, highlight and inform the delegates on a range of topics on the police use of force with the aim of seeking answers and influencing change.

Das Seminar im Überblick

Seminarnummer 19/26 E
Beginn 08.07.2019 um 10:45 Uhr
Ende 12.07.2019 um 15:00 Uhr
Seminarprogramm Seminarprogramm herunterladen...
Veranstaltungsort IBZ Schloss Gimborn, 51709 Marienheide
Kursgebühren IPA 300,00 €
Kursgebühren nicht-IPA 450,00 €


MartinCooper Martin Cooper
Matthew Clempner
Robert Stenhouse
Slawomir ”Slavo”Gozdzik Slawomir ”Slavo” Gozdzik
Nick Davies

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